To everyone who has ever supported this website at any time: Thank you.

This is not me leaving the fandom, just to get that out of the way.

What started as a Winamp playlist on my 2004 Dell Latitude back in May of 2013 became something I'm more than proud to represent as an important part of the fandom's history. And I wouldn't trade this experience I've had for anything.

Shutting this website down is such a bittersweet feeling to me, but I knew it had to be done someday. I let this project collect dust since I hadn't updated it in years. The truth is, I didn't have enough time in my day to keep this project updated. In fact, I wish I had the time for everything I want to do ever.

I wanted to keep this project going, but I got too invested in the full-time college/work cycle to be able to do anything with it. I've tried to get other people to help manage my station, but I can't see anyone more fitting than myself to manage my own code.

Alas, there's where my interest faded... Even after time let up on my end, I still never was able to get back into it.

But a new interest has sparked: PoniGame. Yep. A game, about ponies.

I started this passion project back in March 2018 just as a test to see what I could do, and I've seen it grow from a simple Unity project into a game that has potential to be something great. I can't wait to see where it goes from here and how I can truly make a mark on the fandom in my own way.

Anyway, I'm running out of words. I can't thank you all enough for supporting my little radio station passion project for a whole 6 years.

With Love,

P.S: I hope I see you all on PoniGame when it's out of alpha.