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A Note About Server Maintenance.

  December 9, 2016, 4:55 PM
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This past week, I’ve been attempting to figure out the cause of a certain clicking noise coming from inside the server.

At first, I thought the clicking was coming from the hard drive that’s been in the server since it was built. And clicking from a hard drive is a really bad sign of it being on it’s last legs, so I ended up replacing it with a new one, hoping it would fix the clicking noise. The server was offline for a good 24 hours while this was going on.

Well, after $300 was spent as well as 6 hours of cloning the hard drive’s contents, I ended up seeing something I overlooked since the start of the problem.

It wasn’t the hard drive. It turns out to be the power supply making a weird “clicking” noise. After a thorough Google search, I quickly realized that this could be a very bad sign, as a dying power supply can also take out the entire server with it, which would really be unfortunate, as I really didn’t back much up over this past year. All the radio music would be gone, the whole website’s backend, as well as the API, would be completely obliterated from existence.

As much as that is over-dramatized, there have been several cases where things turn out that way, which is why I’m spending $80 more on a new power supply. I should be getting the unit at my place soon – and when I get it, I will need to perform more maintenance on the server. Since it’s a replacement, it shouldn’t take too long to do it all, but truth is, I haven’t been doing as much maintenance as I should’ve lately, so I’ll be bringing the server down for a good few hours just to clean the parts from dust.

tl;dr: Servers are hard to maintain if you don’t know what you are doing – and expensive too!
I was lucky that I caught the problem before anything bad happened.

Anyway, lesson learned!

UPDATE: Server maintenance is complete! Cleaned up the server’s internals and put in a brand new Power Supply.

Back to your regularly scheduled poni.

– GeekBrony
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