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About Bronydom Network

  April 4, 2015, 12:02 AM
  GeekBrony ❘  0

Bronydom Network is a hub for brony media. Our network contains a radio station, a forum, a blog, and a livestream.

Who we are:

 DJ GeekBrony

Also known as x86cam, DJ GeekBrony is the founder. Starting out as just a radio station with few songs, he has helped Bronydom Network expand into the network it is, with the forum, the blog, and the Minecraft Server.

Does a tiny bit of work on Public Relations for the network.

You can contact him over Twitter and Email.


That one guy who does stuff. Too cool for a full bio. He used to run a Minecraft server and does general advisory work for BDN, as well as minor layout work. Yells at DJ GeekBrony to get BDN work done.

You can contact him anytime on the forums.


Secondary Public Relations Manager for BDN.

Hosts The Evening Breeze every Sunday at 8PM Central.


Helped to design the new layout for BDN, currently an author of BDN.

Helped maintain stability in early ages of BDN.

Twitter: @Videogameget

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