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About Bronydom Network

  April 4, 2015, 12:02 AM
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Bronydom Network is a hub for brony media that aims to be the least biased source of all things pony. This project started in May 2013 with the help of GeekBrony.

Who we are:


Head of Bronydom Network, DJ for Get Up And Wub.

Formerly known as x86cam, GeekBrony is the creator of Bronydom Network. Currently, he hosts all of the services and does most of the work on BDN. He works on programming the function of the website, adding music to the radio, and much much more.

You can contact him over Twitter and Email.

Bassblitzed (Blue)

Staff at Bronydom Network, Blog Poster, DJ, and Audio Engineer.

Also known as Blue, Bassblitzed is a DJ and producer based out of Oklahoma City who writes blog posts for Bronydom Network and creates unique mixes for electronic and pony fans alike.

You can reach him via Twitter or Email.

Mission Statement:

Over here at Bronydom Network, we want to create the best experience possible for all bronies (and yes that includes pegasisters, too). We aim for you to be kept informed of the latest news from the brony fandom, kept up to date with the latest brony (and horse) music, and have a very friendly community of bronies to talk to at the end of the day. In order to keep that experience unique, we’ll need your help to contribute to our network’s community, without it, we cannot complete our mission.

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