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iOS License Expired, Waiting On Renewal

  August 27, 2014, 3:16 AM
  GeekBrony ❘  0
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Hello! We have important news for you. As you may have seen in the title, our App Store developer license (including our app) has expired.

Don’t worry! Although we renewed it already, and nothing has happened yet, we contacted support on this issue, and they are planning on getting it fixed within the next few days. The app will be later, unfortunately. This means that there’s no search result for “Bronydom Network” on the App Store.

Here’s the good news:
When we get back, we’ll have 1.4 out and it’ll be in better condition than 1.3!
(and I mean way better features)

Anyway, if you are planning on resetting your phone soon or w/e it may be, please note that the app will be unavailable until further notice. To keep up with the radio and everything, please go to the site: Clicky!

I hope you understand what we’re going through!

– GeekBrony

P.S.: I was looking at iFunny for no reason today, and I found our app (as I saw a few reviews saying that they came from iFunny). Nice move, trying to make all bronies move here! I don’t think that they will ever know that this app isn’t like iFunny at all. 😛 I mean, it’s not, really. I’d like to say that this app is more like EqD + Radio + Forums.

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