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BABSCon Report

  April 24, 2015, 4:07 PM
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This report is a little later than I intended to write it, but life has been tripping me up a lot in the past couple of weeks. But anyway, late is better than never!

April 4th, 2015 saw me heading up the road with my wonderful mother to my second-ever con experience, BABSCon. I attended last year by myself, and I figured with a companion it would be even better. She was also doing a research paper on the fandom, and was hoping to get insight firsthand.

We arrived in time to get in the third quarter of the line for the Season Five Premier. It didn’t seem that long at first.


After winding our way through the hotel atrium, however, we discovered that there were more people than they could fit in the Mane Events Hall for the premier. The first episode began while we were yet in the main part of the atrium, and we could hear the muffled voices of Twilight Sparkle and her friends, mixed in with the enthusiastic participation of the crowd.

We eventually managed to cram into the back of the Mane Events Hall, with numerous other Bronies who were similarly sardine’d. I made sure I kept aware of my surroundings, but it felt like a dangerous situation – there were a limited number of doors, which weren’t adequately marked to my eyes. If an emergency had occurred, we would have been in trouble.

However, the premier itself was outstanding! I’m sure you’ve all seen it by now, and I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t, but it was truly fantastic. The best part for me was being in that room, enjoying the show with so many others; listening to the crowd respond with groans, laughter, and applause.

After the premier ended, I stayed for the show VA panel, which had a plethora of voice actors from the show there to answer questions. I’ll honestly say that after seeing recordings of similar panels at other conventions over the years, and actually being at this panel in person, such a thing no longer appeals to me. The same voice actors can answer the same questions only so many times before you get tired of hearing it!

My fatigue was by now getting the better of me (I have hypersomnia, which is in the process of being treated), so just before the panel ended, I left and roamed the marketplace for a while. There were many fascinating pieces of art for sale, and also some more mundane specimens that still appealed to the nerd, geek, and collector in me. I managed to leave the con this year spending much less than last time: only $15 on buttons, and a Fluttershy plush.

After making my purchases, I stopped by one of the bulletin boards and snapped a few quick photos to check out when I got home. I ended up joining the Shadowbolts gaming group as a result, and (shameless plug here) if you play PlanetSide2 on Connery and are interested in an outfit, we have a New Conglomerate outfit going!

The ride home was pleasant, and my mother got the information she needed for her research paper.

My rating of the convention this year is 8.5/10. I will admit, my actual interest in conventions seems to be fairly low; however, I feel that more interesting activities and panels could be included in the con programming. More activities in general would be nice – it gets boring just sitting in panel after panel.

On the plus side, the Premier was awesome, an unforgettable experience! Hopefully they’ll manage to put something like that together again.


PS for more photos that I took at the convention, check out The Evening Breeze Google+ page!

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