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Bronydom Network – Convention Plans (October 2015)

  October 28, 2015, 8:11 PM
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It isn’t very often that Bronydom Network gets the opportunity to cover a convention, but we have some conventions in the future that we will be covering, so if you’re interested and you want to see more details, check after the post break.


Coming up within the next twenty (or so) days, Ponyville Ciderfest will be the definite first thing on our list. Ciderfest is located in Milwaukee, WI, and will take place on November 20-22, 2015. Since only one person is headed out to be press for BDN at this convention, we will most likely only do a “Highlights” video. Depending on if any other footage is captured, we might end up publishing a few extra videos.



Next up, MLP-MSP, which is currently in a gray-area for coverage since we already did coverage the year previous. Taking place in the beginning of Summer 2016 (June) in Minneapolis, MN, we might do a few videos from around the con.



This one’s a pretty big one. BronyCon 2016. Located in Baltimore, Maryland and takes place July 8-10, 2016, this is a huge con. Just last BronyCon, they had a little over 10,000 attendees. It will be our first time even attending BronyCon in the first place, which is why this is huge for us. We are still planning coverage so far, but from what we have discussed, we will be doing full-blown interviews, event coverage, and maybe if we can handle it: livestreaming. Yes, livestreaming is a bit far-fetched, but it could work if we tried. It wouldn’t be a huge livestreaming event, but it’d be a great start into the livestreaming scene. 🙂


So there’s our convention lineup for Late 2015-Mid 2016 so far! If you want to meet at least one of us at any of these cons, feel free to stop by!

– GeekBrony

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