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BDN iOS App v3.0 – In Development

  February 12, 2016, 4:58 PM
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Gosh, it’s been so long since I’ve done something for the BDN app. The latest update for the Bronydom Network app was for bugfixes and general layout improvements, but even then, it wasn’t much and it didn’t work as much as I wanted it to. The app was laggy, even broken for that matter. Crashes even prevented people from being able to listen to the radio. I’ve repeatedly delayed app updates as far as I can, but not this time. This time, I’m getting it right.

Within the next month or so, I will be releasing a new update to the app. From everything I’ve learned over the past two years about programming for iOS, I have decided to put my skills to good use. What’s so different about it, you may ask?

This new app update is completely redesigned from the ground up. Even completely rebuilt from scratch.

Here’s some previews of the current state of the app at the time of this article:


The interface is completely redesigned. Completely. I’ve tried to make it look similar to today’s iOS music apps without compromising any features. In fact, I made the background colors change according to what’s playing!


Looks beautiful, right? Aside from the looks, I’ve also planned a lot of great new features, even though I only have implemented one so far.


That’s right! An in-built EQ for all of you audiophiles! With some adjustments, you can make the radio sound how you like it! Boost the bass, reduce the bass, boost the treble, whatever you like! 😀

Other features to expect in the radio:

  • Visualizer!
  • Improved Quality Selection
  • Voting buttons will be easy to find
  • Favorites – could be possible to implement!

Other fixes/additions that you should expect overall:

  • Should be more optimized for all phones, expect less lag.
  • Should be less taxing on your phone, so no need to worry about battery life as much.
  • Should be a more fun experience 🙂

Anyway, that was the new app so far. There’s plenty more that I will need to add and fix before it’s ready, but I’m open to suggestions! (as long as it’s within a reasonable difficulty)

– GeekBrony

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