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Bronydom Network for iOS v2.1 Released

  April 27, 2015, 8:13 AM
  GeekBrony ❘  0
  Blog Post, iPhone, Update

Right, so, I’ve been meaning to update the app for some time now, to iron out some bugs, speed up things, and make the life of the app much easier. So I dedicated a few hours toward fixing the last few bugs that happened and figuring out how the heck to submit a new update to the App Store again.

Changes in this version:

– Fixed images not displaying correctly in the “News” section.
– Changed news content style up a bit.
– When the radio changes songs, it doesn’t lag as much anymore 🙂
– Fixed listener count reporting as “(null)”.

Also, we added a little sound when you change tabs, just for fun.

Anyway, to get the app, click here or go to the iOS App Store and type in “Bronydom Network”.

I am also in works of developing an Android clone of the iOS app, but the original beta version I made doesn’t work with the new stream, so give me some time to create a new one.

– GeekBrony

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