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Bronydom Network 1.3 is now on the App Store!

  July 2, 2014, 6:41 PM
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After a long time in development, we could finally get the next major version out and approved by Apple. It is now headed toward your iOS devices.
Goodbye 1.2, Hello 1.3!

What’s New in Version 1.3

The BDN team has taken it’s sweet time developing this version, just for easier usage for you bronies.
Goodbye 1.2, welcome in 1.3!

User Interface:
– UI improved to fit the theme of the logo.
– Updated icon to look more modern.

– We have gotten rid of that dusty old refresh button, and added a “Pull to Refresh” feature! Just pull down the table while at the top and it will refresh!
– We’ve limited the table to 15 items upon start, for faster scrolling.
– Dynamic Fetching! Tap to fetch more news items at the bottom.

– Share the current song you are listening to on Twitter and Facebook!
– Along with sharing, you can copy the song name so you can paste it into any program! (*)
– In Settings, if you turn on “Prefer Low Bitrate”, the radio will be at a lower bitrate (so you can listen without concern about bandwidth).

New Feature:
– IRC Chat so you can talk with your brony friends! (**) (Users requested this feature!)

– A lot of various bugs were fixed.

(*) For example, if you love the song, you paste it somewhere to request it later on.
(**) We can only provide a Web-only version at this time, soon it might be fully integrated into the app for even easier use!


So, yeah. It’s on the App Store, ready for download. Have fun!

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