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Bronydom Network is now THREE!

  May 2, 2016, 11:36 PM
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May of 2013. One year after I started seriously considering myself a brony. That’s when I started diving deeper into the brony community, constructing this website for the first time and running a radio station.

It’s surprising how far this website has gone, all the things we’ve accomplished, and more importantly, all the mistakes that we have learned from. Even when the toughest situations hit, I kept moving on, trying to improve the backend, frontend, and stability. It’s borderline uncanny how I made it this far, to be honest.

I remember when I started this website and it was hosted on a temporary 2004 laptop with Windows on it. I didn’t have any contacts, any attention, or anyone willing to help out. Though I didn’t have as many tools as I wanted to have at the time, I somehow made this dream of mine a reality. With all the free time I had, I learned PHP and started coding everything I knew was a necessity, which was literally only 100 lines of code at the time. I started out with 150 songs on the radio.

Fast forward more than one thousand days: May 2016. It’s been three years…over twenty six thousand hours of constant radio streaming (not including about a few weeks total of downtime). The backend API has changed so much, to over 5,000 lines of code. The song count has grown to over 2,000 songs. Even with the consistent changes, we managed to get at least 95% uptime (1042 out of 1095 days were online) for the whole entire 3 years. The only downtimes were for migration, some minor errors, maintenance, or server-side outages.

I’m still rather surprised, after 3 years, how this website came to be. Sure, drama hits hard and growth rate dissipates, but the website still lives on. It really goes to show how persistence can mean all the difference.

I don’t plan on giving up my role any time soon though, and this is what leads me to my next topic.

My plans for 2016 and on are pretty big, but I think we can achieve it:

  • Rebuild the website – optimize, improve, and stabilize.
  • Rebuild the backend – authentication (login/register) system to make better interactions with the website and radio possible without much danger of spammers.
  • Bronydom Radio v4.0 – complete rewrite; better selection of songs according to genre, time of day, and what’s hot. This release will also improve live show reliability and volume compression algorithms.
  • Release the new BDN app for iOS – integrate everything a user can do on the website on the app in a simple, intuitive interface.
  • New DJ additions (hopefully).
  • Try my best to grow the network, whether through advertising or networking.
  • Recruit more people to help work on the network itself.

That last one is important.. I’m 17 and I’ll be in college soon, which means I’ll be busier than ever (and stress levels will be high). We’ll need some staff to help us out with the tasks I’ve been doing for three years. We’re talking programmers, server managers, blog posters, and public relations. If you feel like you could take on anything I just listed, I encourage directly contacting me (backup email) as soon as possible. Don’t be afraid to speak up your mind on things we need to improve and how you can help us in the future.

The Bronydom Network crew thanks all for staying with us, and we plan the same with y’all for years to come.

Onward to year four:

– GeekBrony

(Also, a livestream could be coming up celebrating three years)

4 responses to “Bronydom Network is now THREE!”

  1. Nicholas says:

    This is awesome you’ve been up 3 years and counting 😏

  2. Starbright says:

    congrats, goodluck with the future mate

  3. Littlepip says:

    Can I have the new code to join, it is expired

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