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Bronydom Radio: Update To Voting Features

  October 25, 2015, 3:02 PM
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For those avid listeners of Bronydom Radio, we’ve got some updates to how song voting works. Check it after the break.

We’ve started to integrate a new feature that allows us to determine what songs you all like to hear and play it more often than other songs.

Here’s how it currently works:

  • Songs start at 100 points.
  • Each time you vote, you vote +1 or -1.
  • Vote songs at or above 120 to put it in the high-priority queue.
  • Vote songs at or below 80 to put it in the low-priority queue. (This part is iffy because it might end up playing more often than normally-rated songs, so we might end up having to delete the song entirely when it happens)
  • Vote songs at or below 40 to delete the song.

This feature is currently in beta, which means things are currently very buggy, which we will sort out in the near future.

For BDN iOS app users: There is no voting on the app yet, but if you load up our website on Safari or another mobile browser, you’ll find a way to vote. This is a good alternative until we add it onto the iOS app.

Anyway, so there’s a quick update on what we’ve been doing over on the developer-side of Bronydom Network.

Get to voting!

– GeekBrony (Twitter / YouTube)

(Featured Image provided by Pillonchou)

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