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Chang31ing & uThunder agree to let us play their music!

  September 6, 2014, 6:02 PM
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Hi! I’m Satisfy, and I have some good news! I’ll make them short and sweet. So I asked uThunder and Chang31ing if Bronydom Network could use their music on our radio. They Said YES! So I am happy to announce that both of their creations will be on the radio to listen to!


In a skype conversation with Chang31ing,

[2:31:08 PM] [BDN] Daniel | Satisfy Sez: Can I use your music on Bronydom Network?
[2:31:15 PM] Chang31ing: of course u can
[2:31:26 PM][BDN] Daniel| Satisfy Sez: Thank you!

So yeah! You can request their music on the radio.


“Thanks for listening” ~ Chang31ing

2 responses to “Chang31ing & uThunder agree to let us play their music!”

  1. I’m guilty of using the “ask for forgiveness” philosophy occasionally… If anyone has any complaints they should send them to [email protected].

  2. Brian Kimbro says:

    Miss Chang31ing…meet them on Plug.dj

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