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DDoS Attack Declined!

  September 23, 2013, 9:59 PM
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So, funny thing is, I attempted to feed the trolls. I fed the wrong trolls. They started doxing me and pulling up my information, sharing it with the world. Then they attempted DDoSing. Luckily, I turned my server off before they could spam packets to my ISP. They gave up after a while, and my friend says they failed and it’s safe to turn it back on.

I learned my lesson. Do NOT feed the trolls. It will most likely result in badly damaged hardware, internet, and money issues.

5 responses to “DDoS Attack Declined!”

  1. No, That’s Not What Would Happen Bro

    • x86cam says:

      Well I fed the wrong trolls, and turns out they were internet hackers. They found info of me, my address, phone number, emails, accounts, name, last name, and my IP Address. They started directing A LOT of traffic toward my IP. Thankfully, my internet didn’t go down, as I shut down the server at the right time.

      • Nathanl9 says:

        I think something like that happened to me due to the fact that my old runescape account all of a sudden quit in me without warning. Is that one thing they could do?

  2. nathan says:

    i do believe i did but somehow it still got hacked.

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