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Excited for Season 4? Pinkie Pie is.

  October 2, 2013, 9:40 PM
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Since 2011, I’ve been a brony. I love most of the episodes (If I said all, I would be lying, because some episodes were quite horrible). I create content. I watch content. I enjoy every bit of the fanbase.

Right now, the fanbase is at it’s lowest for creating content because we are post-season/pre-season. I liked Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3, so I just wanna ask this:

How excited are you for Season 4? What do you want in Season 4? What do you think will happen?

Leave your thoughts in the comments.

My answer:
I am very excited for Season 4, although Season 3 wasn’t great, I think that they will do a lot better at making this show rock like it did in Season 2. Twilight Alicorn Princess opens a new type of adventure in the show. So yeah, I want it NOW!

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