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Rules and Regulations
Well hello! Welcome to Bronydom Forum! If you are looking at this, you're probably new here!
You will need to read these rules when you just register for these forums. Pay close attention, because these rules will come in handy!

Please note that these forum rules are Global.

  • Love and Tolerate.
    The number one Brony Rule. Remain respectful of everypony's opinions and realize that they are just opinions, not war starters.
  • No spamming.
    Spamming is an act of purposefully sending the same message over and over again. If you spot somebody spamming, report them immediately.
    You will receive a 35% warning if you spam, mostly because spamming isn't fun to deal with. [b]Note that with a warning this high, or higher, all your posts must be approved by a staff member before anyone can see them![/b]
  • No trolling or hate speech.
    It's not funny to the other person, and you might not know what they've been through. If you see someone trolling, report them immediately.
    You will receive a 35% warning if you troll, and hate speech will not be tolerated at all. [b]Note that with a warning this high, or higher, all your posts must be approved by a staff member before anyone can see them![/b]
  • Keep swearing to a minimum.
    Swearing isn't quite forbidden on these forums, but you SHOULD keep it down to a minimum. You never know if there is a younger fan who accidentally stumbles upon an F-bomb.
  • Keep political talk to a minimum.
    Because politics are a leading cause of conflict, it's best to keep that to a minimum. Keep in mind that this forum is meant to be a nice and chill place to talk to bronies, not a place to argue with them.
  • Try writing in proper English.
    You are on an English speaking forum run by English-speaking staff. We cannot moderate what we cannot read. Don't even use the excuse of translators. We don't require full, perfect, absolutely readable grammar, but you can at least try to punctuate, capitalize, space, and spell properly. Abbreviations are an exception (lol, gtg, brb, etc).
  • NSFW and Rule 34 content do not belong here.
    We want a clean place to socialize and have fun. We ask you to keep all content that is NSFW or Rule 34 off of this website. There are plenty of other places to find that kind of stuff.
  • Don't act like staff.
    If you are not a moderator, administrator, or any other staff member, don't act like one. If you see trouble, take ten seconds to report it and just move on with your life. Let the moderation deal with it - that's their job, not yours.
  • Don't create multiple accounts.
    There is no reason to, and users found to possess multiple accounts may have one or more of them merged, banned, or deleted, depending on the circumstances. If someone else creates an account from your physical location (ie.: a family member), please let the staff know with a PM.
  • Don't use account names from the show.
    Any user who has a name directly from the show may be subject to having said name be changed without notice. If this persists disciplinary action may occur. Exceptions to this rule may be made by administrators only.
...and most importantly...
  • Have fun!
    These rules aren't out to ruin your fun, they are just made to prevent people from ruining other people's fun. So enjoy your stay and have a fun time.
If you feel like something is missing from these rules, or if anything needs to be changed, contact an administrator and they'll be happy to negotiate.

EDIT (November 26, 2017): Reworded some of the rules and added some new ones.
Owner and Host of Bronydom Network.
Host of Get Up And Wub on Bronydom Radio.

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