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Hello there dears
Hello there! I'm new here. I've been around the fandom for a long while. Since the beginning really, but never got involved. 

You may Call me Sol. 
I am an artist, I enjoy drawing furries mostly. And my own universe stuff. I am currently working on a web comic for said universe. 

I enjoy mmos, my favorite being ESO. You can find me there under the same user name.
Hello, welcome to our forums!

I hope you enjoy your stay! I look forward to seeing you around here!

Oh, and its amazing that you have a web comic in the works!
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Thank you. :Smile

i greatly look forward to spending time here!
Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your stay!
Please join my discord server!

I've been a part of the New World Order since 2005.

Cameron is actually my all time favorite brony, because he is the same amount of cancer as I am.
Please feel free to join his discord as well.

So, I feel like Donald Trump is the best president ever since I voted for him.

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