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Changeligns hive mind???
So in like every Changeling story there is a thing called the hive mind. The Hive Mind is basically where all the changelings minds are connected and that connection is often centered around their queen. It is in almost every fanfic that I have read about changelings. I understand that changelings have some buggy features, but the hive mind is so prevalent in the fandom that for a little bit I even thought it was cannon. Then, I re-watched the royal wedding episodes and realized it is not. So, what make this idea so prevalent? Was it mentioned in the comics? Do we all think a hive mind is super awesome so we just went with it? Or has it become a self fulfilling prophecy, because there are so much stuff about the hive mind, more stuff about the hive mind will pop up.

If it was not in the comics I am thinking that because so much of the fandom accepts the hive mind and talks about it, they sway peoples belief on changeling culture as soon as the people begin to read the fandoms changeling stuff. Anyone have a better idea, or know if it was in the comics?

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