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Changeling Discussion
As a personal fan of the changelings, I've gone through several stories, headcanons, etc. about them and I've seen some pretty great ideas on how they work.
I'd like this thread to be used as a place to discuss all things concerning changelings. What do you like about them, how do they operate (hive mind or individuality), do they have a government like Equestria or did Chrysalis just take charge of a group and turn it into an army?
Post your opinions and/or thoughts freely  Derpy
I've read lots of stories, made up many ideas in my head... but the only conclusion I've been able to come up with is that not enough information is presented in the show. Everybody will have their own ideas, which will be 90% unique and completely non-canon (as in, not even close to whatever canon fact there is, if any, about the changelings).

But the most obvious thing is the Mane Six were evil for condemning an entire race to starvation.

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