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So, out of all the food that has been shown in the show, what do you most want to try. This is assuming that you would be able to eat everything that ponies/dragons/anything else from the show could.

I think I would like to try some Sapphire cupcakes. Spike acted like they tasted pretty good.
[Image: Sapphire_Cupcake_S2E10.png]
Griffon muffins
I'd love a taste of Applejack's baked goods. Even Pinkie says Applejack is the best baker she knows of!
Ohh that would be cool. The only reason why I did not want to try them is because I am odd and do not like apples cooked or sweetened. Fresh apples from the tree would be ok though. (however if I did try them I would not even care there was cooked apples because APPLEJACK IS HERE LETTING ME EAT HER FOOD)

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