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Poll: When do you watch the new episodes?
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When they air
0 0%
The day they air
2 40.00%
The day they are available for digital purchase
0 0%
Within a couple weeks of the air date
0 0%
When they are available on streaming sites like Netflix
3 60.00%
I do not watch the new episodes.
0 0%
I have connections so I watch the episode before it airs
0 0%
Total 5 vote(s) 100%
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When do you watch the new episodes?
Since we are in the middle of a new season, I was wondering when you watch the new episodes?

I sleep in and don't have any T.V., so I usually watch the episode the day it airs around 3pm. By then I am up and around and the episode is on at least one streaming site in HD.
Don't have hub on my cable plan so I wait on daily motion for them to post.
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Whenever I can remember to. Generally I let them pile up and then binge watch them. At the moment, I'm only at S5E5.   Dash
He's back
I have to wait till there on Netflix, and until then I’m like avoiding spoilers like: REEEEEE DONT TELL MEEEEEE
Then I binge watch the entire season with my dog....  Heart
I'm also watching on Netflix. Luckily, I don't mind spoilers all that much. Bad memory ftw lol.

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