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I'm neolightnexus, I'm a male half dragon Pegasus vampony. I'm very antisocial till I get to know you, then I warm up considerably. I am also bisexual and don't care what others think. I lead a life of gaming, I love the immersive FPS and TPS games(e.g; mass effect, deadspace, fallout, etc.)
I love game that give me freedom of choice. Nice to meet cha!
Video Games with free-roam are amazing. Big Grin
Anyway, it's nice to meet you, too!

(I haven't been as active online lately, but I plan to change that)
Owner and Host of Bronydom Network.
Host of Get Up And Wub on Bronydom Radio.
Hello, nice to meet you! Laugh
I would say I am a unicorn pony.
I too love gaming, my favorite are RPG's, FPS are not my top fav., but I am currently slowly playing through Mass Effect! (I am only like 15 hours into the 1st one, but some day, probably not before #4 comes out, I will finish the series!)

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