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Talk about any episode from the newest season here!

I just finished watching the finale two days ago, so I was rather behind, but fear not, I am still totally a FIM fan! Just a late one

I enjoyed season 5! The whole random AU futures that we got to see at the end was super cool! Plus more Nightmare Moon, what can be more awesome that that? I wonder how the ponies got over their fear of Zecora in the changeling AU world? The Smooze should have taken over in one of the AU worlds (Unless that barren world at the end was the world that the Smooze took over?)

The songs for the season were all really good! I am trying to think of my favorite one, but all I can think of is the song "hearts as strong as horses" and that was not even from this season. Muffins

OK since my head in obviously not in the game right now, I want to know what you all thought of it so I can respond when my head is in the game. Why am I feeling so wrong, my heads in the game but my hearts in the songgg
Because we're talking about songs, I really want to say that "The Pony I Want To Be" was my favorite. The song got my feels in a twist. I'm currently remixing "The Spectacle" - Y'know, the Razzle Dazzle Dubstep thing. It'll be released very soon. Big Grin
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Oooo new music Heart

The songs were all good! I listened to I'll Fly song the most, so that one has to be my favorite. The Crusaders of the Last Mark songs are a close second. Then in third place is The Rules of Rarity. Another song I can sew to!

In the Halloween episode, Twilight's costume was my favorite. In the who season (from what I can remember) out of everypony, Twilight's mane style after she is finished seeing the spa ponies is my favorite hair-do mane-do

I feel like this season needs to be marathoned for me to give a proper review since I took 10 months to finish watching it... meh, next blizzard I may.

Also is it just me, or did Applejack's voice slowly change quite a bit between season one and season five?

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