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Brony Dubstep Group? Who Wants To Change The World?
[Image: queen_chrysalis_by_sup3rgh0st-d5elcrn.png] 

so who wants to change the way were scene and epic Idea made By yours truly hmm...i need 4 minions for this group...i am king metamorphosis...(well thats my DJing name I go by) The person interested must have an electronical music interest or hobbie...be able to relocate...(belive me...Its worth it...1 br included for anyone who successfully applies...

the task is quite simple...you take your favorite mlp charecter...(me being Queen Chrysalis Obviously) and make music to acompany that charecter style heres a sample of my charecter outcome based on mp3


using fl studio 9 here...see how the musical style matches that of the charecter?....exactly my point...i need four more...could you be the next minion?

you dont need to have musical experience you just need to know the personality of your charecter and a taste for music...(that track that plays in your head when your on a flight?)
eh-hem...what did i say...never mind that...whos interested at changing the way were looked at as a community...into somthing more awesome and epic that will change the world and more personally...you...

p.s listen to the track....DO IT NOW!!!XP

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