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From Now On: Semi-Daily Song Updates

  September 1, 2014, 4:49 PM
  GeekBrony ❘  0
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From the start of BDN, we collected a pack of songs, and then uploaded them all-in-one, but that takes too much effort for us to collect a specific number of songs to add, like last time: 800+. It took months to complete that. And besides, we kinda cheated by adding a bunch of background music from the show.

So from now on, we’d like to announce Daily Song Updates/Additions!

How does this work, you say?

We’d essentially collect any amount of new brony songs per day, and upload them. And all that depends on how much content we come across. The more content we see/get submitted to us, the more likely songs are added. And ever since we’ve got BDR v2.0, we can add songs very easily, as the new frontend scans the radio directory for any new songs that aren’t already in the database, instead of the last version, in which I had to actually do everything on my own, dragging in the songs one by one, until they are all imported.

Anyway, I hope this will add more variety to the radio, as well as excitement on “What new songs have been added today?

– GeekBrony

(and yes, Vinyl has Red Eyes in that featured image…)

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