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Happy Birthday, BDN!

  April 30, 2014, 12:00 AM
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Just exactly one year ago, I installed a web server on my home computer not expecting a big project. All I really wanted was a radio for me to listen to while doing homework or studying. I never expected it to get this serious. I really am surprised!

The main logo has changed until May 4th at 11:59 PM CST.

Anyway, on the weekend of Friday, May 2nd-4th, I will be hosting a livestream. One might ask, what kind of livestream? Well, here’s an approximate list of what we will be trying to do:

  • Gaming (any game we have)
  • Q&A in Bronydom Chat (go to the main website and click “OPEN CHAT”)
  • DJ GeekBrony will mix for this event!
  • Upcoming things in the future, what we have planned

Any more things you want us to do, send to us in Bronydom Chat or to [email protected] or to GeekBrony as a private message on the forums.

Livestream will start at 8PM CST on Friday, May 2nd, and will go on until I need to go to bed, and then will continue the next day.

If you want to access the livestream from BDN, go here:


Embedded Livestream:

Direct Livestream Link:


Have a nice one,


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