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Happy Nightmare Night!

  October 31, 2014, 12:00 AM
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Here at BDN, we hope you have a nice Nightmare Night. If you are missing out on the amazing amount of fun and candy when you trick-or-treat, we will have a special Nightmare Night mix full of 2spooky stuff for you.

Just tune in at 7PM Central Standard Time on 10/31 (Today as of the publish date) for the ultimate compilation of 2spooky brony music for y’all to jam out to!

Anyway, have a decent Nightmare Night!

UPDATE: Websterhamster will be doing another thing on Sunday, which all of you who can’t listen today can enjoy and still feel the Nightmare Night spirit! Tune in at 8PM Central Standard Time on Sunday for “The Evening Breeze”, specifically the Nightmare Night Edition.

– GeekBrony

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2 responses to “Happy Nightmare Night!”

  1. And don’t forget to tune into The Evening Breeze Sunday the 2nd at 8pm Central for a special Nightmare Night playlist LIVE!

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