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Introducing: Bronydom Radio v2.0

  August 30, 2014, 6:00 AM
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We finally did it!

After several weeks of work, including programming, debugging, having little to no API’s to work with, and a few days worth of planning, we are proud to introduce Bronydom Radio v2.0! This time around, we’ve completely replaced the buggy SAM Broadcaster setup that we’ve been using for a year. Sometimes, using that program, it would play two songs, become totally unresponsive, have requests stuck in the queue, and it would always take up more than 50% of load on our server.

We’ve replaced that complicated, buggy system with a new system that we’ve recently configured, called Liquidsoap! Advantages over the old system:

  • Crisper quality
  • Less intensive on our servers (before and after)
  • More configurability
  • Request system unlikely to bug
  • Live Shows integrate well with the Auto DJ (better transition)
  • Mic access to broadcasters (to announce something)
  • Our own request system (say goodbye to that old system)
  • For the people with slower internet, we have a 64kbps stream as well! The live shows work there too this time around!
  • Easy import of new music (we used to have to drag it in the program one by one, now we can just put it in the directory without worry)
  • Better volume balancing (so it doesn’t hurt your ears or distort)
  • It’s free and open source, which means it doesn’t have to cost money.
  • Doesn’t crash.
  • Allows for ACTUAL seamless 24/7 streaming without interruptions.
  • Doesn’t require a GUI, which means that if something happens, it’ll be an easier fix.

See? That’s a bunch of advantages!

I really hope that the transition was as smooth to you as it was to us.

Also, the request system has been updated with an all-new layout! Just go to http://req.bronydom.net/ and see the new changes!

Thank you for being here and for listening to Bronydom Radio.

– GeekBrony

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