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Introducing: Bronydom Radio 3.0!

  November 27, 2014, 5:48 PM
  GeekBrony ❘  0
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bronydom radio

Bronydom Radio has finally changed for the better!

Now, we’ve integrated a whole new system powered by Ponyville Live onto our site, so please excuse the dust.

This may not mean much to the average listener, but with this change, we’ll be able to use better content-handling procedures for song information on Bronydom Radio.

New Features:
– Crossfading between songs.
– Better Stability
– Faster Loading
– Request System Performs Better
– On the Ponyville Live Platform, which means better song information handling, album art handling, and easy maintenance.

Anyway, have fun with the radio!

– GeekBrony


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