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Jan Animation Studios Animatics Galacon 2014

  August 5, 2014, 6:16 AM
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So for those who didn’t attend Galacon 2014, Jan Animation Studios, well known for Buttons Adventures and Don’t Mine at Night PMV, released two animatics, during their panel at Bronycon. As I’m sure most of you know, earlier on in the year in March, Jan Animation received a Cease and Desist, from Hasbro, over their pony videos, so seeing the following two animatics was a nice surprise.

The footage unfortunately was filmed on the equivalent of a potato.


Button’s Adventures 2

As the name suggests, this is the animatic, is from Button’s Adventures 2.

 Pony Rock Anthem

This is the animatic for Pony Rock Anthem, a parody of the hit LMFAO song Party Rock Anthem.


Shortly afterwards, Jan released the following note, which means that both of the above videos, were made before the C&D was issued.

“We are still talking with Hasbro on the matter. As for now, the C&D remains valid. We hope to get to a final answer soon enough. Possibly something that will make us all happy.

In the meanwhile, I thank you all for your support.
Stay tuned,

Hopefully though,  from the content of this note, Hasbro will drop the C&D and allow Jan to animate ponies again.

Source: Equestria Daily


After watching the Q/A with Jan Animations, they added they are hoping for a “Limited License”, to keep making Button’s Adventures under direction from Hasbro.

The C&D was issued from Hasbro’s lawyers and Hasbro didn’t know the C&D had been issued. Hopefully this means we will see more Button in the future.

Til next time,


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