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There was an episode leak, apparently.

  September 21, 2015, 5:00 PM
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Watch out! iTunes had a huge derp of some sorts and Season 5 Episode 21 was released SIX WEEKS early. Bronies everywhere are contemplating if they should watch it or not. Because spoilers, click on this post (or click Read More) to learn more about this leak in full detail.

This morning, iTunes, Apple’s Music and Video service, improperly released Season 5 Episode 21 – “The Scare Master” six weeks early. Approximately 6 hours later, it was taken down from their listing. While it was up, YayPonies, which is a web archive of every single MLP episode ever released so far, managed to grab the leaked episode. Several YouTube videos were also uploaded with the episode.

Cue the embeds:

[ Edit: Embeds have been removed because they were all taken down 🙁 ]

There were several more, but for the sake of blog post size, I’m just going to leave it at that.

Now, I haven’t watched the episode yet, but the air date is supposed to be on October 31st. That’s Nightmare Night (Halloween). This is the Wikipedia synopsis, for anyone that’s curious:

Fluttershy is forced to go out on Nightmare Night to buy food for Angel instead of shutting herself in her cottage as usual. She decides to use this as an opportunity to join her friends in the festivities, putting together a horror attraction to avoid letting her overly fearful nature will ruin the fun for them. Her first attempt falls short of their expectations, but with the help of her animal friends, she adds a terrifying section to the Apple family corn maze to surprise her friends. Although her friends enjoy it, Fluttershy realizes she is uncomfortable with scaring others and decides to stop forcing herself to do what she dislikes.

As for any episode leak, the viewer ratings are most likely going to go down, too.

So what caused it? From my investigation, I see these possibilities:

  • Discovery Family didn’t inform the iTunes crew in time for when the episode airing days were changed.
  • Someone at Apple decided to cause some chaos in the brony fandom.
  • Discovery Family wanted to leak something.

It could be something completely different, but that’s what I thought went down.

Anyway, so that’s what happened around the brony fandom today. Interesting day, if I say so myself.

~ GeekBrony


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  1. Wow, no debate in my head for that one I gotta see this!

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