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Legends of Equestria – Open Server Weekend (Jan 2015)

  January 23, 2015, 7:27 AM
  GeekBrony ❘  3
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For those who loved playing the Legends of Equestria on the Open Server Weekends (or just loved watching the livestreams), there will be another Open Server Weekend for you to enjoy!

The servers will open to the public at 12:01am EST on January 24th and close at 11:59pm on the 26th.

I’ll be livestreaming many games this weekend, which LoE will be one of them, and it will be on my Twitch.tv for y’all to watch live (tonight at 7PM)!

To download the LoE client, go to the downloads page.

Have TONS of fun!

– GeekBrony

3 responses to “Legends of Equestria – Open Server Weekend (Jan 2015)”

  1. mohammednajm says:

    Legends of Equestria January 2015 Open Server

  2. efrat taver says:

    Where can I download the Legends of Equestria for free and without problems, your computer is Samsung’s total length: 31 cm screen width: 50 months

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