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MLP-MSP | Day One (Reflection)

  June 6, 2014, 10:30 PM
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Now that I have gotten your attention, I want to summarize what happened at MLP Minnesota (Day One) in my perspective. Today was a good start to MLP-MSP, and I can’t wait for more this weekend. Anyway, here goes!

At 7AM, I woke up to the doorbell ringing. My father called me, saying that my friend is here. I immediately got up and dressed up for the day, for this day would be a long, yet exciting one. We fooled around at my house for just a little bit, waiting for the time to pass for the convention to start. We watched Pinkie Pride, y’know, the episode with the Sandwich of Cheese, and scoured YouTube for videos to watch. As soon as 9:00 AM came along, my brother, which is a very kind gentleman, drove me and my friend to the Convention Center. We arrived at 9:17 AM, which was surprising to us, as we thought there might of been a bunch more traffic.

As soon as we entered, we immediately went to the registration desk to grab our badges. The line was long, but that was to be expected on the first day of the con. We waited approximately 20 minutes, and when we got both of our badges, I saw the Co-owner for the first time in person. Knowing him over the internet, we never met face to face with him. We talked for a bit until the opening ceremonies.

At the Opening Ceremonies, me, my friend, and the Co-owner took a seat and started filming the event. ACRacebest came up to the stage and filmed us in his vlog. We all waved and cheered for him as he passed by with his video camera, filming the entire audience. Later, ACRacebest (Race) and Saberspark (Saber), along with Blackgryph0n, were over at the entrance to the room. As the nerdy person I am today, I ran up to all three of them and started high-fiving them. I also asked for a picture with AC and Saber.

I got a few pictures:



Me with Saber.


My face doe :3


THAT’S better 🙂

After the Opening Ceremonies, we just explored the convention to see what is there.

We came across some Ramen. We grabbed the last two. Apparently, we made some rivals, since two people were looking for some as well. They said, “We’ll be your convention rivals from now on, I guess…” I highly doubt that they are actual rivals, but my friend suggested that he needs to bring in a Pokeball and battle them like that. I don’t know how that’s gonna work, but that’d be amazing to see.

“My roommates are freaking awesome…” – a fellow roommate


Okay, I’ll just say it straight off. I met and took a picture with The Living Tombstone. I brohoofed him. That, and I also got a signature from him. My life is the most complete it has ever been since I was born… I stumbled upon him at a panel before he started with it.



I then went to and recorded most of the Voice Actor Panel. It was fun. I got to see Michelle Creber and Andrea Libman. I recorded about 55/60 minutes of that, since my camera died.

After charging everything, me and my friend headed out downstairs, and grabbed some ramen and ate. At this point, it was 1 hour until the rock concert. We walked upstairs after gobbling down what we had in our bowls. We found some full-body cosplayers of Cadence, Shining Armor, and Flash Sentry.

Yeah, anyway, after that, we headed to the concert.

I’m typing this at 10:00PM right now. The concert hasn’t even ended yet. After I post this, I’ll be raving more at the concert. Blackgryph0n and Michelle Creber were performing their most popular brony songs. It was good. I recorded some of it.


That translates to a bunch of it.

I recorded over 3 hours of footage today. I don’t even know how, but I… just did to be honest. Wow. I’m going to have to go through so much editing, that it’s not even funny.  One day, 3 hours to edit. Tomorrow, I’m supposed to interview a bunch of people, host a panel, and play some music in the lobby. Tomorrow will be a good, yet stressful day.

I can’t wait for everything tomorrow.


Anywho, I’ll be signing off now, since I gotta charge and record more stuff.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

Oh also, in about a week or two, I’ll be posting a whole bunch of videos of everything to YouTube.

– GeekBrony

(featured art by drawponies)

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  1. Underskor says:

    I am still super freaking pumped about the con! AND ITS OVER! This is Ty by the way, I was sitting with you while you showed me this website. Very impressive! Well done!

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