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MLP-MSP: Less Than 3 Weeks

  May 19, 2014, 4:03 PM
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I’m excitedly preparing and generously waiting for the day to come. The first day of MLP Minnesota. The day I get to film and meet bronies all around the US and the world.

When I get there, I’ll start filming immediately. I’ll then go to panels and shop around for souvenirs. At night on Friday, I will go to the concert and enjoy the acoustic music. The next day at that exact time, I will dance at the concert for electronic music!

I’ll be recording almost every moment that I can. I’ll have tons of fun. Tons of fun. I hope you will have fun watching the video. 🙂

Oh, am I forgetting about Bronydom Network? Nope.

I’ll be hanging posters around the con for Bronydom Network, advertising the network in its full potential.

I’ll be meeting the co-owner of BDN there and hanging out with him and such. He will be doing some coverage of the con himself, with a possibility of livestreaming.

If possible, watch us on the main page when the time comes.

I can’t wait to meet a ton of bronies, and maybe some who have been on BDN! 🙂

I’ll be DJing a bunch on Saturday, in the current layout of Get Up And Wub.

The con will be a good con, and I cannot wait until every moment of it.

Anywho, I’m hardcore prepping for it.


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  1. Can you please reply to this… If you say yes to the minecraft thing don’t email me with the email that I use to submitt things to but text this number [removed]. If there is a friend of yours that wants to help a does not have a account I have a secondary account that he/she may use for as long as it takes:) /) Johnsa72 / faundancebronyusa out:)

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