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My Little Pony Season Hiatus Survival Guide

  July 15, 2015, 7:00 PM
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So now that the first half of Season 5 is over, our good ol’ friend Hasbro is delaying the second half until later this year. There has been no exact date (not even estimate) for when the second half will finally hit us. This means that there will be a hiatus in our hands (but hopefully not as long as the hiatus in between Season Four and Five). Bronies upon bronies will be waiting and waiting for the new stuff to start rolling in, some decomposing into a skeleton, while others try and keep them alive with fanmade content.

Trust me, it’s no fun being like this.

So to keep fellow bronies from decomposing into pure skeleton, I’ve made a list of things (or suggestions) to keep you occupied while waiting for the hiatus to finally end:

1. Keep up-to-date with Fandom News

If you never check any fandom news sources, you may never know when the release date will be, or if they announce something new coming out in the pony fandom. There are plenty of sources to get your fix of pony news, big or small.

Anything from Equestria Daily to Derpy News should work, or even check back here!

2. Read/Watch/Listen to new Brony Content

If your dose of pony is too low, I’d suggest subscribing to your favorite fandom content creators and being on the lookout for something new. If you’ve already seen everything, try and find new people who also create content for the brony community. No matter how much I’ve seen in the brony community, there’s always a newcomer who is creating something interesting.

You can also listen to brony radio stations such as Bronydom Radio, among the many other ones who are listed on Ponyville Live and Hoofsounds.

3. Re-watch Friendship is Magic

Pretty self-explanatory, re-watching Friendship is Magic is something that you’ve probably already done. Whether it be one episode a day, or even a full on thirty-something hour marathon (if you have what it takes), re-watching the series can bring back memories, give you that nostalgic feel, and even inspire new ideas.

4. Create your own Brony Content

The thing that the brony fandom is most respected for is their creativity. They create outstanding music, art, websites, animations, stories, etc… The list goes on and on. Why not become a part of it?

Start with something you like. Think of an idea for a song, picture, blog, video, or fanfic, get all the tools to do so (doesn’t matter if you are broke, you’ll find a way), and then just, well, create it!

If you tell yourself that you can’t do it, you have given up. Don’t be the person that doesn’t do anything, you must keep on trying and trying. If people think you’re bad at what you do, don’t stop. Instead, keep practicing until you get that respect.

That’s how people get horse famous – one who is popular in the brony fandom.

5. Chat with / Meet other Bronies

Just think, there are over SEVEN MILLION bronies in the entire world, and that number is just the amount of people who have reported as bronies in the latest Herd Census survey.

If you don’t know many bronies around you, there will most certainly be a meetup group of some sort around your area. If so, take the effort to go to one and meet others there. Often, they will meet at malls, museums, or at another one’s house. If you don’t have a meetup group in your area, feel free to start one up, you’ll most likely get other bronies’ attention if they, too, are looking.

Another way to get to know your fellow bronies is through online chats such as this site’s IRC chat or even our community forum. There are so many websites just for this, like MLP Forums, the biggest MLP forum site out there. Most of these bronies are really friendly and also want to get to know people. Just search around for some chat websites/services for bronies.

6. Go to a Convention

Let’s face it: Conventions are amazing. You’re in an environment where, suddenly, the judgement factor is little to nothing. It’s like they understand you completely.

A typical convention spans across two to three days. Most likely, there will be concerts/raves running at least one of the days. There will be panels with the creators of the show, horse famous people, entertainment, etc. spanning across the entire convention. Typically, there’s a vendor hall in which you can buy any pony souvenir merchandise. You can even get a picture and an autograph with one of the people behind the show if you like, too!

And don’t worry: Conventions are typically safe – pretty much all of them are kid-friendly. If you are a parent and your kid wishes to go to a brony convention, there are typically kid badges, where a parent must be with them at all times for safety measures.

There are so many brony conventions spanning across the globe. To name a few:

  1. BronyCon – Baltimore, MD
  2. GalaCon – Ludwigsburg, Germany
  3. BABSCon – Burlingame, CA
  4. MLP-MSP – Minneapolis, MN
  5. Ponyville Ciderfest – Milwaukee, WI

If you wish to see the rest, go to the official convention listing (as of 2015).

So there you have it, some things to occupy your time while you wait for the newest episode to come out. Hope you learned something from this article.

I’ll try to keep this post updated, just in case anything new should be added or some link changes.

– GeekBrony

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