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New Music Added – 5/23/13

  May 23, 2013, 9:25 PM
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I know it’s not much today, but I was really busy today. I had a lot of news spilled on me the moment I got home from school. Anyway, here are the updates for today.

* Added the artist “Aftermath” with 9 songs
* Added “Forest Rain – A Summer in the stars”
* Added “I Am No Hero (Luna’s Theme) – MandoPony”
* Added “Raise this Barn (SimGretina Remix)”
* Added 3 “Twitch” songs

I thought of adding a couple of my mixes? Sound look like a good idea?

Also, I have about 23GB left on my hard drive so I may need to get a new one (Using an old laptop as a server computer)

All music that I add to the radio are located here!


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