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Introducing: New Web Radio Player

  March 31, 2015, 11:47 PM
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Greetings, everypony! We’d like to announce that we have updated the web radio player! It looks so cool now (at least for us).

Let me demonstrate how much it’s changed…

The first radio player we ever had looked a little like this:


In November 2013, we updated it a little bit, as you can see here:


After we moved to our new domain, we changed up the styling a little bit and added a new audio player:


It’s basically stayed the same, look-wise, right?

A refresh has been long overdue. And we’ve noticed. That’s why you are reading this post right here, right now.

Allow me to show you the new and improved web player:

First, of all, features:

  • An all-new feature, probably never been done before (totally never ever): In-page Audio Visualizer!*
  • Enhanced theme.
  • Faster load times.

It’s not only that, but we fixed a lot of bugs and it looks a lot cleaner now. Not to mention it performs better.

*Visualizer only working on Google Chrome at the moment. If we could get other browsers to work, that’d be amazing.

Anywho, let me show you what it looks like:



Consider this the pre-Season 5 refresh. This level of productivity will sure make us improve everything.

You can see the page over here.

Do you like? Leave feedback in the comments. 🙂


Anyway, we owe a great deal to Ponyville Live for helping us with our radio hosting and web hosting (keep in mind that I couldn’t afford hosting normally, and I can’t host at home anymore). They just recently migrated us to a new radio server (because the other one was being unstable). If you noticed any stutters, that’s why.

– GeekBrony

PS: This is not a April Fools joke. This was posted right before April 1st.

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