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Preparations for MLP Minnesota

  April 16, 2014, 11:35 AM
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I’ve been planning all this time to go to MLP Minnesota, and I’m considering staying at a hotel. I’m super hyped for this event, but I’ll need to plan more than just saying, “I’ll bring this camera, $100, and my Rainbow Dash hat!”

For the average con-goer, that’d be okay, but for me, I gotta prepare harder… and this is why:

First, I am going to be DJing there, and that is confirmed 100% by Final Draft. It won’t be the whole concert DJ event, but I’ll be DJing in the lobby or a similar place.

Next, I submitted my panel application a while ago for a full-blown Bronydom Network panel. It will contain discussion, questions, and possibly the story behind it. If it is accepted as a panel, I will be sure to host it. A few of my friends will attend the event (and one of them might not know much except he met me when I was building it).

Anyway, it’s a bunch to prepare for me because I would have to create a playlist, make a rough script of what I need to say before I do it, since I never  started DJing in front of a crowd before. I need to make a script for my panel (a rough one), what we will be talking about, a way to showcase the website, etc.

Yeah, I have a lot to prepare for. 🙂

– GeekBrony

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