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Princesses’ Pick – #2

  June 25, 2014, 10:00 PM
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I’ve been very interested in SFM recently, and I made something good, but I need to wait 5 hours before it finishes rendering, so I essentially have nothing to do except blog.

Here is the Princesses’ Pick:


Celestia’s Pick:

We start out with a long, but interesting addition to the My Little Portal series.

Have a short animation about Lyra being a liar.

Bring in Littleshy, teasing every aspect of the episode Sisterhooves Social.

Cadence’s Pick:

Bring in the music! We’ve got many picks here for you to enjoy:

Have some epic music, part of a Balloon Party-like album but for villains:

Have a new Archie-inspired song by VINYLZ:

And have some more epic-feeling music:

Have some more from Radiarc, which I’ll just post in bulk:

I’ll be adding a bunch of new music to the radio soon, but here’s one that I LOVE and can’t wait to add:

The above one was performed at MLP-MSP by Eurobeat Brony himself. It was amazing!

Anyway, here’s something that I danced for 8 minutes straight to at MLP-MSP (it’s unusual, but it’s good):

Something good by Tsyolin:

Wow, that’s a bunch of music… Wishing I could find more for you guys, but that’s it for music 🙂


Luna’s Pick:

I’ll start this segment with a few pictures I managed to find. Click the images to go to the source link.


Cute Maud being silly.

Cute Derpy being a Gentlemare.




Chibi Coco being D’AWW.


A really high-detailed Fluttershy. Brony community, you impress me.


Roseluck being Roseluck :).


Really well done Luna art!


I haven’t really done any reading (gosh GeekBrony, disrespect Twilight like that) lately, so I can’t report back with the Twilight’s Pick quite yet. Anyway, other than that, hope you enjoyed this week’s Princesses’ Picks!

– GeekBrony

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