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PVL hosting stream of “Dessolation of Archie” tonight.

  August 16, 2014, 2:11 PM
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As you may have known, Desso/Archie has been sick for quite a while, and he needs medical attention. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have much money to get all of that. A few months ago, there was a donation page (that I should have mentioned) that was setup: http://www.wolfbeats.com/#!dessos-fundraiser/c1coe to allow him to get donations easily.

Archie is the one behind the famous “Christmas in Equestria“, “Magic is Timeless“, and a bunch of other pony remixes.

Something came up recently for him. A collaboration album between a bunch of top brony artists, to help fundraise the surgery (find the description in the WolfBeats page), and everything.

It so happens that Ponyville Live is livestreaming it. Join in here.

“The Dessolation of Archie” contains the following artists:

  • Aftermath
  • ArtAttack
  • Eurobeat Brony
  • JayB
  • Knife Pony
  • OMNI
  • Silva Hound
  • The Living Tombstone

I will for sure be donating (/buying) this one, because Archie wouldn’t be able to make music anymore if the surgery doesn’t finish, which would be very sad, as Archie is, and will be, an amazing Progressive House producer.

Anyway, click them donation buttons now, because we all know that Archie is an amazing producer.

If you so desire to donate to this legend, go here.

– GeekBrony

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