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Radio Migrated Back

  June 16, 2014, 1:50 AM
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Let’s face it, our “new” and “improved” radio had many issues. No requests, plenty of downtime, “Unknown” titles, and not as feature-filled as our old radio. Zeusking even agrees with me. We had many problems with it. I finally decided to take action. After about a day of the new radio being down (Zeus has no idea what he is going to do with it now), I decided to bring up my Alternate Radio until further notice.

But I had a problem:

How would we host shows?

Our new system was extraordinary at finding the live DJ show we were streaming… when it wanted to work. But that became a problem.

I successfully set up the Auto DJ. I got all that working until MLP-MSP happened.

I didn’t set up the show streaming before I went to MLP-MSP. And yes, MLP-MSP took me away from the computer for 3 days, so I couldn’t work on it.

When I got back, I had footage of the convention to compile. I didn’t have time to work on the radio at all. I ended up waiting just under a week before I could even start.

When I embedded the code for the live shows, I ran into many MANY bugs, and here are just a few of them:

  • Shows couldn’t switch.
  • Metadata misplaced.
  • When I disconnected, the server would keep thinking that it was still streaming to there.

Turns out, after a few days, I fixed most of the issues.

I still couldn’t figure out the disconnecting issue.

After many Google searches, I almost gave up.

But then FINALLY a day later, I figured out that the radio server itself was bugged. Turns out that the version I installed (the one that was installed on default: 2.3.3) was bugged and kept on being bugged until 2.4.0…

After HOURS of work, I finally found the version before that bugged version: 2.3.2!

Many hairs were pulled trying to install it. It would crash, saying “Permission denied” even though it had every single permission.

Anyway, after all that debugging, I finally got it to work. FINALLY.

2.3.2 was installed.

I started broadcasting.

I started livestreaming to the Live DJ stream.

I stopped broadcasting to the Live DJ stream.



Woop! I just fixed it! I’m SO glad I figured it out!

Anyways, the radio is back. Requests, Shows, Song Titles, and No More Downtime (unless the main server shuts off).

– GeekBrony

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