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Radio Migration Done!

  April 22, 2014, 9:16 AM
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So it’s done! Finally! We migrated the radio to Shoutcast! You can tune in and it will be better, for you and the streamer!

For the people who broadcast: Contact me in order to get the broadcast info. Thanks.


Unfortunately, we cannot allow song requests until we migrate the system again, which will be when we partner with Ponyville Live, which can be really soon. Also, the app will not hear the new radio until Apple reviews and releases the new update I sent them.

Quote from forum:

Please note that the app will be on the old radio for a while, until the new update is approved.

I changed the URL for the radio in that version, so now instead of waiting for an update, it checks that file on the site and uses that URL, so we don’t have to migrate through SEVERAL updates.

Also, unfortunately, we do not have mix day anymore, but it will be added soon.

So, yeah! Enjoy the new radio while you have it!

We have ONE more tiny little thing: It’s easier for us to add songs to the radio, so now we can just drag and drop, and it’s as simple as that! Enjoy!


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