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Rainbow Rocks Release Date

  May 20, 2014, 12:57 AM
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After a long time of looking at teasers, expecting something new to pop up each and every time I replay it, we finally recieved a somewhat concrete answer to our question: When will Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks come out?

September 2014, is the set release month, although this might change according to how the movie staff work.

Screenvision has now partnered with Shout! Factory and Hasbro to release this new movie in select theaters across the world.

Screenvision is the largest cinema advertising company in the United States with a network comprised of over 15,000 cinemas and 2,400 movie theater locations. – Equestria Daily

We hope for the best in this movie, as the teasers look like they have a bunch of effort put into them. They are good, in my opinion.

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3 responses to “Rainbow Rocks Release Date”

  1. The Applejack teaser is my favorite so far, although it annoys me how they call the bass guitar a “bass”. To me, a bass will always be a bass violin 😉

    • Zeusking19 says:

      Then that is like going up to someone and being like.. “Dat bass though!” Do you ever hear anybody say “Bass guitar”?

      Yeah, people who dont follow every meme in sight.

  2. coolguy says:

    Can’t wait!

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