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Regarding Recent Downtime

  January 29, 2017, 1:00 PM
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Here at Bronydom Network, we strive to give the best brony radio experience as possible, but sometimes there are things that can interrupt your experience.

Hopefully, you haven’t come across it – but our services have been getting attacked via a few DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. A DDoS attack is when someone sends a bunch of blank traffic from a group of computers to a server/website with the intent to bring the service down, thus interrupting any actual user’s experience. The worst that can happen is that the server goes down for a good few hours. Most of the time, DDoS attacks are done because the person behind it doesn’t like the service they are hosting, or even the person just wants some attention. They are also done if someone wants to ruin one’s life. Rarely are they used in actual testing environments.

We don’t know the exact reason behind this attack, and we are having trouble figuring out what we did to cause someone to do this to our website, but we’ve been cracking down on security as much as currently possible and adding DDoS protection anywhere we can.

Hopefully, with these improvements, we will see an enhancement in the way the server handles these attacks in the future.

Many thanks for staying around,

Owner and Host of Bronydom Network

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  1. neologisms says:

    You shouldve got blazingfast.io because cloudflare has resolvers :/

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