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Season 4 in 29 Days – Update

  October 24, 2013, 10:05 PM
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So I’ve been kinda depressed lately, as I don’t have mah ponies to watch. But I am getting more and more excited for it as the days until goes down.

Anyway, updates!

I submitted my “Bronydom Network” app update version “1.0.1”, which fixes a little bit. It updates some positioning, fixing the positioning bugs.
The bar disappearing? Fixed as of 1.0.1
On iPhone 5-5S, the radio tab works a lot better, as the play, pause, and stop buttons have better positioning, so does the Volume Control.

NOTE: I can’t get it to work with iOS 6 because of iOS 7’s new technologies.

I updated the logo for the website, so the app and the site sorta go together.

I don’t really know what to say right now, because I’m a bit tired, so maybe tomorrow I will update?

The schedule will be normal this week.

2 responses to “Season 4 in 29 Days – Update”

  1. MysticDaedra says:

    If you have Netflix, you can find Seasons 1-3 there. I also know of a few non-official, maybe slightly off the beaten path places you can watch it for free.

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