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Site Changes Imminent

  March 24, 2014, 5:56 PM
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Lately, the site has been dead. I didn’t want to admit that, but I needed to. To fix this, we plan on making some important changes to the layout and general inner workings of the site.

Seriously, the forum looks too web 1.0 for me, the site is starting to perform slow and bug out every few days, which I don’t like.

First and foremost, the forum. I’m planning on upgrading the layout of it within the next few days. This means a whole new look!

But, for the “inner workings“, we will need some help.

Right now I’m running this all from one PC. This means if the server is under load, the Minecraft Server will be laggy and will stop working temporarily. We also got a power outage two days ago, and we don’t want that stuff happening again, since that stops every service on BDN.

We will need donations from any of you, so that we can put a Minecraft server up somewhere else, which means an online service, where it will get next to no lag and will crash a lot less.

I’ve setup donations a while back, so on the homepage of the website, just click “Donate” and then follow the rest, or if you are on an iOS device, click the Donate button on the Info page of the Bronydom Network app.

Anyway, we hope to get everything working at the best state we can.



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