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Sorry for the Downtime

  February 6, 2014, 11:43 PM
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I need to say sorry for the 2 hour downtime. I got a bunch of homework that I needed to do before I could even notice the downtime. As soon as I noticed it, I tried to fix it…Restarting 3 different things…Modifying settings…checking internet…everything. Until I noticed that our Internet provider renewed our network address (AKA IP Address).

Now this was at 8:25 PM, when I finally noticed it. I quickly changed all of the settings to redirect my old IP to my new IP. I hope I can call my ISP and ask them to change it so it doesn’t reset. (Soon)

I’ll be posting more here soon. I just have been too busy to post.

More news soon,

One response to “Sorry for the Downtime”

  1. AppleDash_fan97 says:

    I was wondering what happened, and now it all makes sense.

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