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SSD Failed – App Lost

  January 9, 2014, 9:14 PM
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So the most unfortunate thing happened.

Our schools give us MacBook Air’s at the beginning of the school year, but mine had a bit of a problem.

The Hard Drive decided to fail.

I then got a new, replacement MacBook Air from the school.

I’m bummed now because I had all my app files on it, and I forgot to back them up.

I will need to redevelop the app from now on, since I lost the main files of it.

Expect a new layout when it updates in a few weeks.

4 responses to “SSD Failed – App Lost”

  1. Seems there is a problem.. We both have the same name for sites…. Want to work together?

    • x86cam says:

      Oh. I was originally looking for Bronydom.net (may I claim it, since you have .com?)

      Also, how about you provide gaming servers and stuff and I provide radio, forum, etc?

      • x86cam says:

        Or I can integrate your website. We can have Bronydom.com have a moved page. Then we have Bronydom.net as the one for my site.

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