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Starting a Domain Change Process

  January 18, 2014, 1:24 AM
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So I’ve been looking into getting a better web address for this network, and you wouldn’t believe what I ran into when I was looking for a domain:

A couple weeks ago, I was searching for Bronydom.net if it was taken, but nope.
Just yesterday, I checked to see if it was available so I could buy it.
Turns out, Bronydom Gaming had outbought it. It redirected to their site.
I decided I would contact them and see what happened.
They just bought it 4 days ago.
We started talking how we could integrate it.
We then decided to have http://www.bronydom.net/ be our new domain!

So now we are going to integrate our website and change it to http://www.bronydom.net/
When we fully integrate it, we will have a moved message on the current website so people know about the change.

You will see a bunch of changes over the next few days.
The site may go in development or go offline for a few hours in the next few days.

Have fun,

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