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Submit a New Song

  June 19, 2014, 7:15 PM
  GeekBrony ❘  2


You may be wanting to add something new to our radio. We have been looking for new music since the beginning, and we would love any new music submissions from any of you.


  1. Has to be pony related.
  2. Has to not be in the radio already. To look, go here.
  3. Don’t submit only links. List the Song Artist and Title like “Artist – Title (Info)”.

Please note that this has to go through an approval process by me or the other staff in order for it to get to the radio. Don’t expect it to be on the radio station right away (try waiting at least a week before resubmitting).

Anyway, to submit a song to the radio, fill out this form and I will approve as soon as possible.

[contact-form to=’[email protected]’ subject=’BDN: Radio Music Submission’][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Link to Song(s)’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Song Title: %26quot;Artist – Title (Extra)%26quot;’ type=’text’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Extra Information%26#x002c; if possible’ type=’textarea’/][/contact-form]

– GeekBrony

2 responses to “Submit a New Song”

  1. AudioWave Dasher says:

    Hello I can submit my song. Do a search on youtube for fly into the night audiowave dasher

  2. GeekBrony says:

    Hello AudioWave Dasher:
    Over at Bronydom Network, we have a quality standard of songs in order to provide the best possible songs to everyone. We have to quality review every single one of these submissions. Unfortunately, your song doesn’t meet the standards, so we are unable to upload it to the radio. Don’t feel bad, though. We applaud your effort in this song and hope you can create something better in the future as a musician. Thanks for submitting, though! 🙂

    Quality Standards for Bronydom Radio:
    1. Pony-related (Song is Pony-related)
    2. We should be able to hear everything crystal-clear (Vocals are a little too quiet and “reverberated” which defeats the purpose of crystal-clear)
    3. No sounds should feel too overwhelming (The guitar is a little too overwhelming)

    P.S.: If you have another song you’d like to add that does meet the quality standards, please submit again! We look forward to another song coming from you. Also, if we may suggest, you could definitely shine if you have another singer to go with!

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