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  June 19, 2013, 8:46 PM
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Whatever you want to submit, submit it to submit@bronydom.net!

We’re always looking for new content to post on Bronydom Network. If you have anything noteworthy to submit to us, feel free to submit it, but just remember to follow these guidelines:

  1. No gore or anything adult-oriented.
  2. Has to be MLP related or brony related.
  3. Don’t send us any OC’s. We do respect that you have one, but we don’t wanna post it, to be honest.

If I don’t respond, it is because we are busy, but don’t worry, there is a 5% chance that I will miss it!

If I do happen to miss it (Wait 2 days-1 week before thinking that I missed it), send it again.

If you want to send music/videos, you should provide us a link AND some information about it (how you found it, etc.) Do not just provide download links.

Also, please leave any contact info you have if you submit something.

Please, contact us if there is new news that you would like posted. This includes news of what is announced in the brony community and by MLP staff, what new toys are released, what the community made for us, what new things are being rumored, etc.

REMEMBER: Send us your stuff at: [email protected]!

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  1. websterhamster says:

    Also, if you would like to submit content for The Evening Breeze, please do so at [email protected].

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